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Staff Profile

Andrea Shaw

Chartered Physiotherapist - BSc MHCPC MCSP

I trained in Liverpool and qualified in 1993 with a BSc in Physiotherapy. I had an interest in women’s health at this early stage, choosing to write my dissertation on pain relief during labour. Working at Whiston Hospital, I specialised in 1995 treating continence, prolapse, pelvic floor pain and vulvodynia. I see a lot of new Mums with separated recti and perineal tears, plus offering advice on exercising safely. In addition to women’s health, I have an interest in male continence. I am involved with the POGP women’s health forums and MUGS society Merseyside. I have completed training in APPI Women’s Health Pilates and incorporate this into my treatments.

I love my work and the positive effect I can have on someone’s life. Continence can be a difficult thing for people to discuss and I often find that I’m the first person my clients have spoken to, having kept it all to themselves for so long. I look at the big picture and personalise my treatment to the individual, considering any psychological effect, their lifestyle and appropriate exercise. I understand my client’s goals, to help enable them to do what they want to do.

I enjoy spending any spare time with family and have two grandchildren. I like to go camping and have a passion for all things creative – including crafts, balloons and event dressing.