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Marian Cox

Sports massage & Holistic Therapist MFHT IIHHT MICHT

I became interested in the physiological and psychological benefits of massage 10 years ago and decided to train as a holistic therapist. Treating a person emotionally and physically just made complete sense to me. I studied at St Helens college, the Manchester school of Massage, Sylvia Hodge College of Health and Beauty and the Christie School of Oncology. Since then I've worked in a wide range of environments; including carers centres, leisure centre spas, and an Oncology unit, providing holistic support to patients receiving cancer treatments and chemotherapy. I have spent the last ten years gaining knowledge and experience and have learnt that everybody is unique and my treatment plans reflect this, they are tailor made to suit the individual's needs.

I think I'm more passionate now than ever about holistics, seeing the results over the years and knowing what a difference it can make to people's lives. I believe that no matter how much knowledge and experience we gain there is always so much more to learn. I think that we should be kinder to ourselves and to look at massage as less of a 'treat' or 'pamper' and more as part of our healthcare regime.

Health and fitness plays a big role in my life, with any spare time spent keeping active with the family, swimming, running or walking with the dogs. Past hobbies have included scuba diving; future ventures include open water swimming and canoeing.
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