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1:1 Pilates
Woman doing Pilates

1:1 Pilates Class

At PremierPhysio we offer personalised 1:1 Pilates sessions. As a sports rehabilitator, our Pilates instructor Laura is an expert in recovery and pain management. Pilates exercises are complimentary to your recovery programme and great for fitness.

Pilates is used to strengthen the core muscles and prevent or rehabilitate from pain. It is particularly useful to help with weakness of your neck, back, hips and shoulders. It focuses on core stability, posture, strength, flexibility and breathing. Pilates trains natural, correct and efficient movement, with an emphasis on quality not quantity. Although we may all look different on the outside, we are built the same in terms of muscles, bones and ligaments; however, some bodies function better than others. This can be because one person’s brain gives better movement information than another, but you can improve this awareness through Pilates, retraining your brain to deliver better motion and alignment.
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I’ve always thought physio was good but today I was truly blown away! The service by my therapist was outstanding, far exceeding my expectations. Every element was thoroughly explained and I came away knowing an awful lot more about my injury, what has been done during treatment, why it was done and how to continue the progress at home. All staff were very friendly and helpful. I will have no hesitation in coming back here again for any further treatment I may need in the future. Thank you so much!
Cheryl. Runcorn

Areas we cover are Cheshire, Chester, Crewe, Ellesmere Port, Wirral, Macclesfield, Runcorn, Stockport, Merseyside, Preston, Kirkby, St Helens, Liverpool, Warrington, Bollington, Congleton, Knutsford, Widnes, Trafford, Manchester, Waverton and many more.