Podiatry & Chiropody
Podiatry & Chiropody

Are Podiatry & Chiropody the same?

You may be confused as to the difference between a chiropodist and podiatrist. There is actually no difference, as they are essentially the same. Since 1977, Podiatrist has replaced chiropodist as the modern term for the experts in foot health. As foot problems affect most of us at some time in our lives, they see people of all ages and from all walks of life.

  • Sports men and women often suffer from injuries to their legs and feet.
  • Children can have pains in their legs and feet or problems walking.
  • Dancers with long hours rehearsing and performing put stress through their feet that can cause injury.
  • People with diabetes may have problems with the circulation or sensation in their feet.
  • People needing minor surgery - some nail surgery or laser treatment

Podiatrists are well known for treating foot conditions such as corns, hard skin, diabetic foot ulcers, verrucae and in growing toe nails. The other speciality of Podiatry is biomechanics or gait analysis – the study of the body in motion. Each foot is an engineering masterpiece and we tend to take this for granted until something goes wrong, or we develop pain. Biomechanical problems affecting the feet can increase stresses within the foot structures and the surrounding soft tissues, creating pain in the foot and ankle, but also problems in the knees, hips and back.
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