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Gait analysis for heel pain & Plantar Fascitis

At PremierPhysio our Podiatrist, Shauna has a passion for biomechanics and our gait analysis service often forms an essential part of physiotherapy. Biomechanics is the study of the body in motion and movement faults can make us prone to foot and lower limb problems, ultimately causing injury, pain and preventing you from being able to participate in sport and leisure.

Gait analysis provided by a sports shop can indicate what running style you have, but as they are usually not medically trained or a HCPC registered podiatrist, their knowledge is limited to advising you on the correct trainer.

It is widely accepted by biomechanics specialists that the most common structural problem is excessive foot pronation, where your heel rolls in too much and lowers the arch of your foot. Research has shown this to be a common cause of many foot and leg injuries in active individuals:

  • arch strain or plantarfasciitis
  • heel pain
  • pain on the ball of foot
  • inner ankle pain
  • shin splints
  • achilles tendonitis

Excessive foot pronation may also cause the leg to rotate inwards too much during running, causing abnormal twisting forces at the knee, hip and back. Our Podiatrist Shauna works closely with our physiotherapists and may recommend referring you on to optimise your treatment.

At PremierPhysio our gait analysis lab includes a running machine, where Shauna can view your gait either walking or running. By looking at the way your joints and muscles function, she will determine if the way you are moving may be contributing to a current injury or could be causative to an injury in the future. The assessment will take approximately 45 minutes and you will need to bring shorts and some examples of your current footwear.

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I have suffered with Achilles problems for the last 10 years. I am now pain free and able to take up sports again and that’s all thanks to PremierPhysio and in particular Vicki. Thank you for all your help!
Ste, Runcorn

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