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Massage & Hot Stones

Massage or Swedish massage helps improve circulation to the area and in turn muscle flexibility and mobility. As tension is eased, any associated pain, headaches, cramps or spasm reduces. Massage is also said to improve the immune system by stimulating the part of the brain called the limbic system and the release of toxins. Knots caused by constant deskwork, stress and exercise are worked out.

Hot stone massage – our therapists use smooth, heated basalt stones as an extension of their hands, or by placing them on your body. The heat feels deeply relaxing and helps warm up tight muscles, allowing deeper work with less pressure. Hot stone massage is said to be up to five times more effective than traditional massage and we find that once tried, our clients rarely return to massage without stones!

Aromatherapy Massage – when combined with aromatherapy, massage takes on a remarkable synergy, dramatically enhancing your massage session. Essential oils are the fragrant essence of a plant and these highly concentrated liquid oils are said to have healing properties, the foundation of aromatherapy. Each essential oil has its own therapeutic benefits, for example Peppermint is an energy booster; Lavender is a stress reliever and Tea Tree is it an immune booster.

Deep tissue massage – is similar to Swedish massage, but you can expect stronger pressure and a greater focus on releasing chronically tight muscles.

Prescription back scrub - to clear congestion. This treatment can be added to any of our massages.

Q – What is the difference between deep tissue massage and sports massage?
A – Trigger point release or myofacial release techniques might be used in sports massage. These involve deeper pressure, sometimes using elbows. This may feel uncomfortable, but you are always in control of the amount of pressure, so communicate with your therapist if it becomes painful.

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I have just visited for a sports massage and felt the need to review straight away. Claire Mesdaghi was absolutely amazing we had a lovely conversation also and I feel like I'm floating. Completely restored my mind, body and soul. I can't thank you enough.
Kirsty, Runcorn

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