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Headache & Migraine Treatment

If you're a migraine or headache sufferer, we don't need to tell you how disruptive and inconvenient they are. Often provoked by stress or a change of routine, they not only affect you, but also your family and friends. Many sufferers worry about the impact on their work and find themselves avoiding social occasions for fear of an attack.

Diagnosis of migraine can be complex, with no two people experiencing identical symptoms. Some get an aura (a visual disturbance), whilst others are nauseous or sick. There can be other symptoms such as numbness or loss speech. By the time they seek our help, many of our clients have seen neurologists, had scans and been taking medication for years. Often medication, which was once effective, can lose its benefit and episodes of migraine become more frequent and aggressive over time, resulting in an increasing disruption to your life.

At PremierPhysio we offer the following treatments that can help you and have already given relief to many of our clients:

  • Physiotherapy – promoting better posture and education on pain and lifestyle factors. Neck stretches and hands on treatment to release tight neck muscles and joints, including the Watson Headache Approach.
  • Acupuncture – using needles to gain pain relief and ease muscle tension; breaking the cycle of chronic headaches.
  • Massage – easing tension in tight muscles to improve flexibility.
  • CBT – to improve coping strategies and stress management.

Find out more about the Watson Headache technique:
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Areas we cover are Cheshire, Chester, Crewe, Ellesmere Port, Wirral, Macclesfield, Runcorn, Stockport, Merseyside, Preston, Kirkby, St Helens, Liverpool, Warrington, Bollington, Congleton, Knutsford, Widnes, Trafford, Manchester, Waverton and many more.
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Had my free headache assessment followed by my first treatment with Vicky yesterday. Amazing result - first good night sleep for 2 months and pain already noticeably reduced.

I have been meaning to write a review for a while now as been coming here for several years since suffering with really bad migraines. The treatment I receive keeps the migraines at bay now and I would pay a million pound to not get them back again!! Really great service and really friendly. Worth every penny!! I highly recommend Premier Physio to anybody. They offer a range of services including physio but if you suffer with migraines then make an appointment with Vicki today!!
Lauren, Runcorn