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Can I continue to exercise with an injury?

Injury advice and the good news – in most cases YES! 


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Is exercise or rest best for an injury?


For some acute injuries such as a broken bone, rest is still the best management initially however in most cases rest alone is rarely the answer. This is because simply resting helps the pain to ease but resulting muscle weakness, scar tissue and reduced blood flow can cause the problem to worsen again on return to normal activities or exercise.  


Instead, our physiotherapists will prescribe exercises that mimic your chosen activity and are appropriate for your stage of healing. This is known as relative rest – workload on the body is reduced but not removed to maximise recovery. Your training plan will be modified, allowing you to keep exercising alongside your rehab where possible.  


Sound good? 


If you would like to book in to see one of our physios, please contact our reception on 01928 500 557 or you can also email to discuss your requirements via our enquiry form.

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