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Latest news

Latest news

Reducing our plastic pollution #PassOnPlastic

As a responsible business, PremierPhysio is passionate about the environment and playing our part to reduce plastic pollution. We recycle all our waste as far as possible, but have made the decision this week to reduce our plastic footprint and #PassOnPlastic.



Plastic pollution in the ocean


Current estimates show that each year, some eight million tonnes of plastic ends up in our oceans. A figure predicted to potentially double by 2025! The plastic pollution crisis is killing and harming marine life.  A plastic bottle can last for 450 years in the marine environment, slowly fragmenting into smaller and smaller pieces, which never completely disappear. Consider a plastic bag used for 15 minutes, could take 100 – 300 years to fragment!


As one of our clients, you’ll know that we offer a complimentary drink as you wait for your appointment. We serve mineral water from 500ml plastic bottles. We have decided to stop using plastic bottles and instead, have installed a water machine, dispensing chilled, filtered water. This small cut to everyday plastic use, reduces our plastic waste. We all have a role to play in the fight for our planet.


Looking at how to reduce your plastic pollution?

Check out this guide and 8 tips from Clean Streets: