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What is DOMS?

DOMS – or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness


DOMS strikes! If you’ve hit the gym hard this January ?️‍♂️??️‍♀️and are paying for it already, check out this great advice from our sports massage therapist, Laura.


What is DOMS? Don't let DOMS impact on your exercise regime.


Were the stairs a struggle this morning?
Is sitting down an effort?
Feeling stiff and sore?
Sounds like you’re suffering from DOMS.

If you’ve decided to get fit this January, you’re likely to be feeling one of two ways. Either dragging yourself to the gym, thinking of all the more enjoyable things you could be doing on the way there, or brimming with motivation and starting to get addicted to the endorphins. If you’re the latter, you are probably hitting the gym hard with every PT session, class or weights work out you can fit in. After all, those festive pounds won’t shift themselves and the summer holiday count-down has begun. Kudos to you… I admire your enthusiasm! However, if you are neglecting stretching and rest days, you may have found your exercise plan being hampered by DOMS. If this sounds familiar, here are a few tips from our sports massage therapist, Laura to help relieve your pain:


1) Stretch well after a workout
2) Keep moving (includes doing a workout at a lower intensity)
3) Eat well (a good balance of carbs and proteins)
4) Foam roller or get a massage (helps decrease the discomfort)
5) Massages help increase your muscular elasticity and decrease the stiffness in your muscles.

Can massage help ease DOMS?

If you’ve ever suffered with DOMS, I’m sure you’ll agree they are painful! A massage aims to reduce pain by improving blood flow. Increased blood flow brings oxygen and nutrients to the muscle, to help improve healing and muscle energy.  Massage at PremierPhysio is tailored to each individual and the depth of massage is determined by how tight the muscles feel, how tender the muscles are under pressure as well as the aim of the massage.


Our dedicated sports massage therapist, Laura McCollom has a degree in Sports Rehabilitation and is registered with the BASRaT


If you have DOMS, don’t let them stop your new exercise regime in it’s tracks. Contact us to find out if our massage series could help you.